Stamford College Toastmasters Club

Welcome to the Stamford College Toastmasters Club's e-newsletter. We are an "in-house" club and we meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 6.30pm at the Stamford College (PJ) Jalan Barat, 45200 Petaling Jaya. Our Club's mission is to help our students and staff learn the arts of speaking, listening and thinking as well as providing the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Dear All,

An opportunity to win awards for you and our club!
A club that attains 2 CCs and 1 AC will be awarded 5 District pins.
(i. e. 1 pin each for the achievers and 2 extra pins for the club)
Each additional CC will bring the club another 2 pins
(i. e. 1 for the achiever and 1 for the club)
Members who attain CC, AC and DTM during the
campaign period will also be entitled to specially reserved seats at the Finals of
the District International Speech Contest 2006- 07 in Johor Baru.
And furthermore, every member who qualifies for
the above Star awards and are delegates for the JB Convention 2007 will
receive a copy of the "Compendium of Pathways to Speech Excellence" - a
compilation of articles on speech techniques, speech contest tips and other
material on speaking skills!!
Period: 22Jan – 28Feb 2007

Hence, let's work together & achieve our goals! Be the amazing member in the amazing club!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

Why does a District hold an annual convention?

*To conduct the District Executive Committee meeting

*To conduct the District Council Meeting

*To present the report of the nominating Committee and hold the Election of officers for the coming year

*To provide training for members of the District Executive committee and members

*To present awards and recognition to individuals for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions

*To install the newly elected District Officers

*To conduct the International Speech Contest to select the district's representative at the DNAR- Regional level

What do you get when you attend an annual convention:

*Educational and Self-Development workshops

*Enjoy 2 evenings of fun and dance at the Welcome Nite Dinner and Installation Banquet

*Relax and mingle with friends from 3 different countries (and mostlikely more)

*One Farewell Lunch at the end of the whole 3 day for you to whet Your appetite and wet your eyes for Goodbyes

*Make more friends from the 3 countries and from participating Toastmasters from other countries

*Observe how parliamentary procedure is carried out during meetings

*Attend talks and workshops

*Find out what Toastmasters is all about.

As of December 10th 2006 we have registered 154 delegates for the coming April 2007 Annual convention.

We invite you to join this event and boost your self-esteem in public speaking, in leadership development which comes to you, from the "GIFT" you have given yourself by joining and becoming one of 210,000 others throughout the world who now writes and chant with pride our worldly slogan.........................



Yours in Toastmaster,
Richard Chong
District 51 Public Relations Officer 2006/2007

Amazing Membership Campaign

Dear Stamford College Toastmasters

I would like to share some figures that I have obtained from Toastmasters International on new members. Since we have started the Amazing District Membership Campaign in November 2006, we have successfully recruited 96 new members to our lovely movement. We have another 21 days for this campaign. Let us go all out to bring in as many new members to each club in our district. We have 258 clubs in the district. The district marketing team is asking all of you to bring in a minimum of 258 new members to our movement. This can be done. Let’s go for it, and the district will reward each new member with one district theme pin.

Toastmasters, Simply Amazing.

Kind Regards,

Monday, December 11, 2006

FREE Wheretogo Loyalty Card

Dear Stamford College Toastmasters,

We have selected TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT 51 as one of the Member Clubs to offer a 1 Year FREE WhereToGo Loyalty Card to ALL its members by extending the email below to them:

As a Toastmasters International member you are entitled to a FREE “WhereToGo” Loyalty Card which offers FREE MEALS and discounted privileges as well as a 5% Cash Back when payment is made with a Visa and MasterCard credit card at participating merchants outlets only. For the free meals & discounts only and where credit cards are not acceptable (fast food outlets), payments can also be made by CASH.

For further information and details on our WhereToGo Program & Privileges, kindly log on to to register yourself online (Ignore the payment mode as this is extended to you free of charge )

Should you require further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service line 03-76257725 ( En.Saufi / Ms.Jessica ) or myself.

Thank you.

Warmest Regards,
Anthony Chuah ( 012-2319303)

Leo Smart Loyalty Management Sdn Bhd
Suite 13.01 Menara PJ, Amcorp Trade Centre,
18 Jalan Persiaran Barat,
46050 Petaling Jaya.
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-7625 1937
Fax: 03-7625 8851

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Meeting on Tuesday,12 December 2006

Dear All,

TM Amy Choo will be delivering her Ice Breaker speech on Tuesday 12th December 2006 same time & same place. Do come and support her. Guess who is coming to tickle our funny bones for that night! Check it out - it will be fun!

Be seeing you. Do not miss it!
Regards from the Committee of Stamford College Toastmasters Club!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

[areac3] Joint Meeting in Sunway TMC

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

[areac3] Joint Meeting in Sunway TMC on Thursday 30 November 2006
Location : Room G16, Sunway College University, 5 Jln Koleg, Bandar Sunway.
Time: Meeting start 7:30pm fellowship and dinner serve at 6:45pm
Role: Sorry to say it has been all filled now, but you are most welcome to join in the fun....& there is always table topics for you to participate and compete!

Warm regards,
Li Hwa

Monday, November 27, 2006



Table topics is a great way to practice storytelling skills!

We are surrounded....... by stories. All around us, stories are being created, concocted or cooked up. They're being embellished, enhanced and polished. They are being told and retold.

When we were kids, our parents, grandparents and babysitters used stories to put us to sleep at night. Whether they read tales from books, told family stories passed down through generations or made up stories to suit our fancy, stories instilled values, pride and an understanding of how the world worked. Stories helped us envision what was possible, and cautionary tales told us what not to do!

In school, teachers' stories taught about our nation, Greek mythology and shakespeare's classics. As we grow older we learn new ways of imparting information: the essay, the resume, the reports and job interview. Meanwhile our storytelling is just a Toastmasters meeting away. And the best way to start is by telling TWO-MINUTE stories in the form of responses to Table Topics.

It is crucial that you learn the elements of a story. They are: setting, characters, action and reaction- all leading to a resolution. Though making them work together together and make sense is not easy. The first rule to follow is, never underestimate the power of an archetypal story, one whose theme, structure or feel we know almost inherently.Those connect the best!

Stories speak! Among the benefits of story and storytelling: to remind us how to listen. If we could just be better listeners, we'd reduce our work-place quarrels, interpersonal strife, and globally the world would be a more peaceful place.

When you are called or when you step out to do a Table Topic, think story instead of speech or stream of consciousness. Whatever the topic, you can likely tell a TWO-MINUTE story, replete with locale, characters, a challenge and a triumph.

Well, what are you waiting for? It's story time!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Meeting on Tuesday,28 November 2006

Dear All,

You are cordially invited to attend our meeting on Tuesday 28 November 2006 at Jalan Barat. Time 6.30 om - 8.30 pm

Area C3 Theme: Confidence and Clarity in Communication

Assigned Speech speakers:
1. TM Zhou Jie - C& L - Ice Breaker
2. TM Andrew Choo - C & L – 4th Speech
3. TM Steven Chan - C & L - 4th Speech
4. TM Mrs Ngu - C & L - 4th Speech
5. TM Jasmine Leong - C & L - 10th Speech

Do not miss the chance to hear their speeches and to vote your best speaker for the evening.It will be an exciting evening.

Looking forward to see you.
On behalf of SCTC Committee.
Foo Li Hwa